A Legacy of Truth + Justice


Author, activist and ideacity alum Tarek Fatah died April 24, 2023 following a long illness. He was 73. Born in Pakistan of Indian descent, he emigrated to Canada in 1987. “Speaker of truth. Fighter for justice… his revolution will continue with all who knew and loved him,” his daughter Natasha Fatah posted on Twitter that day. Lorrie Goldstein, a colleague at the Toronto Sun, where he was a long-time columnist, paid tribute by calling Tarek “a fierce defender of human rights and a staunch opponent of religious fanaticism in any form.” Moses twice invited Tarek to ideacity, where he delivered compelling Talks about freedom of speech (2019) and the threats of Islamo-Facism (2011): “I want to salute a brave man, who spoke civility + truth to the many crazies in his own faith who preach hatred + violence + who kill. His rare kind of physical courage, voice of reason + clarity of thought will be sorely missed.” Tackling such tough subjects made him a target and sometimes an outcast in his own community, but he was a valued member of the ideacity family. RIP.

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