Tomson Highway – Women and Mythology

2005, Cultural Studies
Presented By: Tomson Highway

Born to Cree parents in a tent that also contained a Steinway grand piano, novelist and playwright Tomson Highway waxes nostalgic about where he comes from in northern Manitoba, a place that to him is the most isolated and beautiful spot in the world. He talks about how his subject matter as a theatre artist has concentrated on native mythology and the idea of a divinity in female form, one who is benign and who put us on earth to enjoy life, “not to suffer, to plead guilty, to apologize.” Native mythology also teaches that nature has a soul, and that it’s our duty to protect, care for and love it. He goes on to deplore the constant horrific violence against women in our society. In the end, you will find out he learned to play that piano in the tent extremely well indeed.