Kathleen Kajioka on J.S. Bach’s “twisted hacker mind”

2013, Art & Design, Entertainment
Presented By: Kathleen Kajioka

Kathleen Kajioka says J.S. Bach’s music comes at “the perfect intersection of the intellectual with the emotional.” His “command of music’s math and geometry is astounding…he can boggle the mind while at same time make your heart explode.” If you combine Einstein and Shakespeare and make the result a musician, that is Bach. She says we can see his genius much more clearly today than was the case when he lived. For her, Bach is “the anonymous hacker” – brilliant, obsessive, knows his metier and the system inside and out, spends hours alone testing and pushing the limits, and very often breaks the (musical) law “without getting caught…he gets away with it because it is¬†so¬†beautiful.” She and her violin, and her accompanist on harpsichord, show us what she means.


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