Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch is a much-loved children’s writer and storyteller, known for his manic, humorous stories with characters modeled after real children.

Munsch earned degrees in history and anthropology while studying to become a Jesuit priest. During his studies he worked part-time at an orphanage, and soon discovered that he would be happiest as a daycare worker. He dropped his Jesuit studies and enrolled in the School of Child Studies at Tufts University. His greatest joy lay in telling stories to the children, and eventually he was convinced to publish his first story, Mud Puddle.

Munsch moved to Canada to work at the University of Guelph’s child care centre and it was here that he became a best-selling children’s author. He travels around the country staying with families with children and telling them stories, many of which become his published works. Munsch was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1999.


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