Michael Cohen

General Manager at Zero Gravity Labs (ZGL)

The Business of Ideas: Innovation in Retail Technology

Michael Cohen (JD/MBA) is an intrapreneur and innovation leader. With over a decade in innovation based roles, Michael has a track record for intrapreneurship and product development that has seen him bring multiple successful products to market.

As the General Manager at Zero Gravity Labs (ZGL) Michael is responsible for the business leadership of the Labs including everything from overarching strategy, team selection, office culture and branding through formal partnerships and relations with the ZGL Board of Directors.

Michael is a proven builder of high performing innovation teams and businesses through his Agile and team first approach. Michael is a regular author and conference speaker on the topics of innovation, intrapreneurship, developing an innovation culture and disruptive technology. Michael is also a mentor to multiple start-up companies and is a member of the Technology and Innovation Advisory with Sick Kids Hospital Foundation.


Michael Cohen - The Business of Ideas: Innovation in Retail

Michael Cohen (JD/MBA) is an innovation leader at LoyaltyOne in the Gravity Labs division which focuses...