Michael Adams

Michael Adams

Long before the advent of the Ogakor and Kucha tribes from the prime time “Survivors” shows, Michael Adams identified the sedentary Rational Traditionalists, tribes in his book, Sex in the Snow. In this work, the leading public opinion researcher explores the evolution of the Canadian character and describes how we can come to hold various values and motivations.

As the president of Environics Research Group, Adams is an expert on how social trends impact public policy and corporate strategy. Since co-founding Environics in 1970, he has guided the firm’s growth from a small sociological consultancy to one of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated research houses, with offices and affiliates in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and New York.

Adams is also fascinated by people’s attitudes towards money, and analyzes the spending, making and saving patterns of Canadians in his latest work, Better Happy Than Rich.


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