Matthew Fisher

Canada's Most Experienced & Most Well-Traveled Foreign Correspondent

He calls himself a “dinosaur” and the “last of his species” as Canada’s most experienced and most-traveled foreign correspondent. Last year he dazzled us with his adventures and misadventures in the hottest spots in the world. Since then, the world has gotten even hotter, so you won’t want to miss his perspectives on what matters, who matters and what to look for next.

He has been the international affairs columnist for the National Post and Postmedia for 15 years, and previously worked for the Sun newspapers and the Globe and Mail. Having worked overseas for 34 years, he has lived in Belgium, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Britain, the Middle East and Afghanistan and now lives in the Philippines.

Over the years, Fisher has observed 19 wars and conflicts from Central America to the Caucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa, Timor and Afghanistan. During the past year he has been to 17 countries. He was in Iraq for the battle for Mosul in December, in Africa covering the famine and refugee crisis spawned by the war in South Sudan, and most recently in Latvia, where Canadian troops are beginning a combat deployment as part of NATO’s tripwire to deter Russian aggression.


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