L’équipe Tambora

Los Angeles-Based Trio

Global Dance Music

L’équipe Tambora is a Los Angeles based trio that makes global dance music, deconstructing Afro-Colombian rhythms and blending them with psychedelic cumbia, tropical harmonies, and euro-electro dance beats.  L’equipe puts on energetic shows imbued with their multicultural identity and socially + environmentally conscious songwriting.


Lead singer, Tara Davis is the daughter of Canadian anthropologist, Wade Davis.  L’équipe Tambora’s musical adventures sprouted from environmental activism projects that brought Tara and two 6’5″ Colombians named Andrés –Andrés Ospina and Andrés López– together.  This unlikely friendship mixes diverse influences that produce hard-hitting beats, soulful melodies and clever lyrics in Spanish, English, and French. Their well-crafted songs and strong productions are imbued with social and environmental sensibility, and an infectious ability to make you want to Move Your Body! #ConsciousGozadera

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L’équipe Tambora - Global Dance Music

L’équipe Tambora is a Los Angeles-based trio that creates global dance music by deconstructing...