Firoz Rasul

Firoz Rasul

In the race to develop and manufacture a fuel cell for use in zero-emission passenger vehicles, the acknowledged world leader is Vancouver’s Ballard Power Systems, leading the pack into what Wired magazine calls the “Hydrogen Age.”

The Chairman and CEO of the $4 billion company is Firoz Rasul, an executive who literally and figuratively never runs out of gas. “If you’re an investor, Ballard has already met your expectations. If you’re an environmentalist, the company is almost too good to be true,” says Vancouver magazine. Ballard is partnering with manufacturers Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, GPU International, ALSTOM and EBARA and in 2003 hopes to start commercial production of cars that leak nothing but clean water out of their tailpipes.

Besides working on revolutionary technologies, Mr. Rasul is also the President of the Ismaili Council for Canada and has previously held the position of Chairman of Focus Humanitarian Assistance Canada, an international emergency relief agency. He has also served as a director for BC Telecom and Royal Bank Capital Management, as a board member for Science World of British Columbia.

Mr. Rasul has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Hertsfordshire in the U.K. and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from McGill University.


Firoz Rasul - The Hydrogen Fuel Cell