Dr. Susan Crockford

Zoologist, Author & Blogger

The Polar Bear Catastrophe the Never Happened

Dr. Susan Crockford is a polar bear expert, among other things. Her popular 2019 science book, The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened, explains why many people in the Arctic are complaining about too many polar bears despite predictions they would be nearly extinction by now. Her children’s science book, Polar Bear Facts and Myths (available in French and English) provides facts without eco-anxiety but her polar bear attack thriller, Eaten: A Novel, is meant to induce nightmares. Susan is a professional zoologist with a special interest in evolution and has dozens of peer-reviewed papers on a variety of topics; from 2004-2019 she was an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. As co-owner of a consulting company, Pacific Identifications Inc., she identifies animal bones for biologists and archaeologists. She blogs at www.polarbearscience.com.


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