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Bryce Rutter

Dr. Bryce Rutter is CEO of Metaphase Design Group, the world’s leading company for the research, ergonomics and design of such award-winning hand-held products as the Microsoft 2.0 Mouse (the most recognized mouse ever built), the Gatorade ‘Edge’ Bottle and the Oral-B toothbrush.

Rutter is a specialist in hand function and has spent his career working in the research and design of high technology, telecommunication and health care products. As the owner of Metaphase, he has received the Design of the Decade Award and seen Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) for the best-designed products in America from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week, as well as a Design Excellence Awards from I.D. Magazine.


Dr. Rutter is a renowned specialist in ergonomic product design and is the leading worldwide expert in the design of handheld products.  His work ranges from robotic surgical systems, surgical instruments & devices to smart phones, computer input devices and wearables through to food & beverage packaging, and beauty & personal care products.

His company, Metaphase, has and continues to define new product categories, rejuvenate sleepy brands and develop breathtaking design innovations that fit like a glove for several of the world’s most prestigious and influential brands and scorching start-ups — SONY, PFIZER, COCA-COLA,  COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB, J&J, MOTOROLA, MICROSOFT, DELL, LG, GATORADE, KRAFT, BAUSCH & LOMB, MEDTRONIC, KELLOGG’S, McDONALD’S, RUBBERMAID, JOHN DEERE, CATERPILLAR, BAYER, ORAL-b, GILLETTE, REVLON, YURBUDS and TRANSENTERIX, to name a few.

As a thought leader in ergonomic design, Dr. Rutter has been profiled and interviewed by major media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CTV, CityTV, The Chicago Tribune, The Ottawa Citizen, The Globe & Mail, Lexus Magazine, Appliance Design, Oprah’s O-Magazine, Metropolis, Business 2.0, and BusinessWeek.  Dr. Rutter and Metaphase have received over 75 international design excellence awards, and Dr. Rutter has been a recipient of over 100 patents and has with several designs in the Museum of Modern Art and Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Museum Collections.

He has been a powerful and animated keynote at several global conferences, published, numerous articles and been a vocal advocate for User-Centered Design Innovation Strategy.


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