ideacity | Message from Moses About 2020

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Dear Idealists,

As recently as two weeks ago I wrote to say that despite the evolving crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were resisting the urge to panic and were continuing to work on our 2020 edition, which was shaping up beautifully.

As it was still 3 months away, we were hoping the spread could be contained and that authorities would begin to see coronavirus as simply another variation of the annual seasonal flu that routinely ripples through the world without bringing all human activity to a halt.

But it was not to be as, one after another, entire countries and economies have been shut down to the degree that today, in Canada, we are operating in conditions approaching those of Martial Law, complete with threats of arrest.

Without planes to bring in speakers and attendees, hotels in which to house them and a venue in which to gather and present; and given, moreover, that gatherings of more than 5 people are now flatly prohibited, we’ve had to bow to the inevitable and must now regretfully tell you that ideacity 2020 is postponed to 2021.

I really, really hate doing it, not only because in our 20 year history we’ve never missed a single date, but also because I personally look forward every year to refreshing my brain, expanding my knowledge, sharpening my senses and renewing my acquaintance with attendees old and new, who also look forward to Canada’s Foremost Meeting of Minds where you’re guaranteed to encounter the Smartest People with the Biggest Ideas.

The world will soon be awash in home office and bedroom based meetings, and we will do a little of that too to keep our flag flying and to provide some diversion and learning to all of you stuck at home. But there is nothing like the authenticity and intensity and impact of a live human being on stage talking passionately about that important thing they know best.

So please engrave June 16, 17, 18, 2021 into your calendars and upon your hearts, and plan to be with us for a mind-blowing and heart stopping Conference to end all Conferences.

Although we won’t be hosting a live conference this year, we still have a number of ways to keep you, your family and friends educated and inspired; but I’ll let Connie tell you about all that